I took part in the 2021 Slave Dwelling Project Conference, “Changing Narratives in Changing Times,” earlier this fall, and am now helping to plan a possible SDP conference next fall in conjunction with the Stono Legacy Project, a proposed month-long series of events commemorating the 1739 Stono Rebellion and the legacy of rebellion and resistance among enslaved African Americans. Such an important story at a time when we greatly need to expand and deepen (not suppress!!) the national conversation about slavery’s ongoing impact on our country. Stay tuned!

Congrats to the Fulton Theatre on its incredible expansion and grand reopening in downtown Lancaster, PA! I was honored to give a Zoom talk in October for about the Fulton and its many meanings. You can watch the talk here.

I also spoke about the Fulton (and myriad other topics) with the super-engaging Danielle Williams, whose Practical Preservation podcast series has been featured in the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of “11 Great Podcasts for Historic Preservation Fans.” You can listen to the podcast here.

This post on “Jamil’s Georgia” recounts my chance meeting in 2016 in a slave cabin with the wonderful and insightful Jamil Zainaldan, director of Georgia Humanities.